UPDATE: We Have a Finalized Cover Design!



Hear ye, hear ye!

I am very excited to announce that, as of today, we have our finalized, complete  cover design, including spine and back! It is everything that I hoped it would be, and  I think you are going to absolutely love it.

I have also submitted what I believe will be the final changes for the internal layout and expect them to return within the next week.

  • Cover? Check!
  • Spine? Check!
  • Back? Check!
  • Internal layout? Check!
  • Synopsis? Check!
  • Author page? Check!
  • Map? Check!
  • ISBN? Check!

That can only mean one thing . . .


Anxiously awaiting release information!

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2 Responses to UPDATE: We Have a Finalized Cover Design!

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations!