The Crystal Keys has Been Featured in The Courier as the Christmas Eve Ticket Story

Family’s story is one to share on Christmas Eve by Peggie Miller (click photo to read full story)

A sweet article about my late co-author and I and our labor of love, The Crystal Keys: Champion of Destiny, will be featured in the Christmas Eve edition of The Courier. Honestly, I have read it through a couple of times and am completely humbled and speechless by Peggie Miller’s kind words.

Read the article here: Family’s story is one to share on Christmas Eve by Peggie Miller

There is nothing extraordinary about me. I am just a normal, messed up person trying to love God and people the best I know how with the talents He has given me. The real truth is that I serve an extraordinary God who has surrounded me with extraordinary people, without which none of this would be remotely possible.

Truly am I blessed. By you, my friends and readers. By Ms. Miller’s beautiful rendition of my life.

And by a God that loves me so much He sent his one and only son on this beautiful occasion as a baby born to die that I might live.

Blessing, ya’ll. I hope you enjoy the article and will share with your friends.

Merry Christmas, friends! May your days be filled with love, life, and joy beyond measure!

~Angelia J. Griffin

Check out Champion of Destiny: IMG_8537.JPG

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