Photographs From the VETS Event

Hello, dear friends!

We had the recent opportunity to support our friends at V.E.T.S. in their fight against PTSD by participating in their fundraiser. All proceeds from the book sales at the event went directly back to the V.E.T.S. ministry! It was a fantastic day of fellowship and giving back to the men and women who have so selflessly served us. I can think of no greater honor! If you are interested in helping out their cause, you can go to their website and buy some awesome gear, all proceeds to benefit the fight against PTSD at VETS MINISTRY.

This was my first public signing for The Crystal Keys: Champion of Destiny, and we had a great time getting to know these fine men and women. Since my late coauthor, Gary Follis, could not be there in person, I brought him along with me in spirit, setting his photograph up on the signing table so that he could partake in the joy. I hope he was looking down and enjoying his moment in the sun. I believe he would be incredibly proud to know that The Crystal Keys is giving back to the community!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. Below are some photographs from the event! I hope you enjoy.

Angelia J. Griffin

Book signing table for V.E.T.S. Our first official Champion of Destiny signing!
My beloved, late coauthor, Gary Follis, at the signing.
Showing off my V.E.T.S. shirt and Champion of Destiny
Flag raising at V.E.T.S.
Spending time with this amazing man, V.E.T.S. founder, David Bowden
State Representative, James White, stopped by to purchase a copy of Champion of Destiny!
One nation, under God.
Want to know more about V.E.T.S.? Click here!


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