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    Welcome friends to the preorder of The Crystal Keys Series books one and two, Sera Oth Berinon and Champion of Destiny (second edition), both by AGF Publishing!

    There are two ways to preorder. One will be for unsigned copies from Amazon (Sera and Champion). The other will be for autographed, personalized copies from the author (Sera only). Please read closely and pick the option you prefer. Please note that neither book is currently available in e-format, but this will be coming in the near future.


    When you preorder from Amazon, you are reserving your copy of the book from them. Amazon will then ship it on the date of official release, February 8, 2016. This option is available for both books. Please click on the links (picture of book) below to order and then follow Amazon’s normal instructions. Champion is ready to preorder, but I am waiting for the link for Sera, which should hopefully be available in the next day or so.

    Click to preorder
    SOB ISBN cover
    Click to preorder



    This option is for autographed, personalized copies of Sera Oth Berinon. This book is $25 and includes flat rate USPS shipping in a padded envelope. This will be a limited time offer with limited quantities available for purchase. It is important that you follow these instructions. In order to purchase, please click on the link below (the book). It will take you to AGF Publishing’s site. Click on the ‘purchase now’ button. The link will take you to a Paypal link. Please enter $25 as the amount and click next. In the comment section, it is imperative that you enter your name, mailing address, and who you would like the book made out to. Also let me know if it is a gift for a special occasion (Valentine, birthday, etc.). These books will come with an autographed bookmark as well. Due to ordering necessities, all orders for signed copies must be received by Wednesday, February 3rd. 

    Click for autographed copy


    And that, my dear readers, is that. Let the beginning of a grand adventure commence!

    And all together now, who’s ready to read!?!?

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  • A Double Whammy

    SO . . .

    To be honest with you, I’ve been holding back on you just a tad. As many of you know, last fall I took a huge leap of faith and decided to start my own publishing company, AGF Publishing. You can read more about the birth of AGF here.

    As you know, I am publishing my first title under my own company, Sera Oth Berinon, which will be released on February 8th.

    What I haven’t shared with you is that it will actually be a . . .


    That’s right, on February 8th, I will be releasing not one, but two titles under the AGF Publishing umbrella.

    Due to the delicate nature of the issue, I was not able to discuss it up until now, but I have moved to have Champion removed from my current publisher and will be releasing a second edition on Feb 8th concurrently with Sera Oth Berinon!

    This is very exciting news, and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts and response.

    That being said, you only have a few days left to buy a first addition copy of Champion of Destiny, as the process of removal is already well under way, and it will be pulled any day now.

    The new improved second edition has some cool changes that I think you are going to like. I can’t wait to share all of this with you.

    Thank you, as always, for experiencing this journey with me. You are more than just readers, you are my friends. I do not take that blessing for granted.

    So . . . who’s ready to read . . . times two!


    Angelia J. Griffin (author)

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  • Release Date for Sera Oth Berinon

    Release Date for Sera Oth Berinon!

    It is with much excitement that I announce to you that the official release date for book two of The Crystal Keys series, Sera Oth Berinon will be:

    FEBRUARY 8, 2016!!

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Be sure to mark your calendars! You’re not going to want to miss this breathtaking sequel to Champion of Destiny!

    There will be two preorder options available. I will be announcing details shortly. 

    Only one question remains. Who’s ready to read!?

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