The Work of My Heart

01 April 1009- Unk in his new house
Gary B. Follis

September 24, 2015.

Two years ago today, I lost my beloved uncle (‘Unk’) and coauthor. I had the unspeakable honor of holding his hand, as one of the greatest men I ever had the privilege to love took his last breath and then gently passed from this world to the next.

He was a man full of kindness. He trusted to a fault, loved without reserve, and gave even when he had nothing. He was full of laughter and life and was never too old, sick, or tired to play.

He was the ‘yes’ when I told my kids ‘absolutely not!’

july31- Unks House 019
Just ‘one more’ ride Unk!?!

He was the crazy old guy on the water slide at the park, riding the tiny tricycle down the street, dancing in the grocery store aisle, or giving the kids ‘one more’ ride on the handtruck . . . just because they asked.

Why? Because life is too short, and he was determined to live every moment in full.

He is the man that taught me what love is when I had no idea; the man who forgave me when it was undeserved; the man who never gave up on me—my father figure.

Unk Holding me
Me and Unk.

His final wish was for me to ‘finish the book.’

And that is just what I did—not for money; not for fame; not for accolades or recognition . . .

For love.

The Crystal Keys is more than just a story; it is what I have left of a great man who I loved and lost.

It is a story of joy and sorrow; life and death.

It is the work of my heart; my greatest privilege and unspeakable honor.

It is a story about love. 

~Angelia J. Griffin

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